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  • Classic pants don't have to be boring. Elastic fabric gently envelopes the body exposing "maculinity" - this is the elegance and refinement in one.

  • Black meshy and highly erotic thongs will be enough to attract all eyes on you and ignite your senses. Oskar is a model which, on one hand, underlines your shapes and on the other hand sensually hides your masculinity.

  • Tempting thongs made of soft – touch fabric in black or red. Deeply cut at the front, with unfastening ability. Thanks to this, your experiences will be unforgettable during your passionate moments together.

  • Very skimpy and daring black strings. Provocative slit in the crotch makes woman's senses blow out as they temptingly expose "masculinity". In the upper part of the slit there is a tiny strap with silver circle attached. This will add some extra fun to your love dalliance.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items